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Beneath Outstretched Arms


Book 1 of 4 of the Walk With Me series

I loved this book. Knizley delivers a flawless setting. I did not feel in any way like I was reading a history lesson, nor did I feel that she was just guessing at how life would have been for Velena and Tristan, but truly wrote as if she herself experienced the setting firsthand. But even more, Knizley wove together an intriguing plot that kept me guessing.
I admired the friendship between the two main characters, appreciated the support of minor characters, drank in the descriptions of the castle and the forest beyond its stone walls, and felt my heart soar with the spiritual applications presented in moments that we all face in our own way. The characters were relatable, the story believable, the tension unexpected and exciting. I can’t wait to read the next installment. ~ Bethany Riehl


First of all I love historical fiction so this had me right away. Set in medieval times during the Black Plague I was completely swept up by the historical drama and attached to the characters. There was humor woven in so that you were not overwhelmed by the tragedy and the story line was not predictable. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the second installment! ~ Sabrina B.

trying again

“Hello,” said the Ocean


A Children’s Picture Book

This book was lovely! Such a fun creative story that inspires anyone who reads it!
The ocean is a beautiful thing to write a voice to. -Jaqueline B.


I’m going to read this to classes I teach all the time. The ocean as a character makes it a versatile teaching tool. It is also good for geography (especially living on the Pacific–the kids here don’t know much about the Atlantic). The mixed media art is whimsical and enchanting. All around amazing book. -Maria R.



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