down memory lane.

The idea for this series was born in the winter of 2006, when I had only one child and a night job at a department store putting up those little yellow price papers that are now, conveniently, digital. My first thoughts were penned on the backs of these, and they are now safely tucked away as nostalgic memorabilia.

Over the next nine years, I kept my story on the back burner. The thought of doing all of the research needed for a medieval novel, while trying to homeschool our four children, seemed absolutely daunting. So deciding that it just wasn’t the right season in life to give myself over to personal projects, I carried around a story inside of me, that would occasionally find its way out by way of random chapters, that I could visualize so clearly, that I just had to be put them down on paper. As always, I would tuck them away for “someday.”

Then on one not so apparently amazing day, in 2015, after reading through the Trade Winds trilogy by Linda Chaikin, the Lord said, okay—it’s time. That was all I needed to hear! From that moment on, I was on a mission, bringing home armloads of research material from the library and searching high and low for every scrap of paper I had ever written a chapter, phrase, or sentence upon. I printed off the computer every file that I could find that I’d saved for “someday.” I laid them all out on the floor and began putting the lives of Tristan and Velena in order.

There were gaps to be filled, plot points to be changed, and chapters that needed to be written and rewritten, but I had enough for my back burner dream to become a trilogy—and now, consequently, a novel series of four.

 Thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing me the opportunity, through these books, to thank You for just a few of Your infinite gifts to me.

Walk With Me Series

Beneath Outstretched Arms

A Little While Longer (Release Date: June 30, 2017)

Take Me Furthermore & The Lines Have Fallen (TBA)