My Inbox is EMPTY

Do you ever just feel like you’re floundering through your day–jumping from one task to another without any true gratification? I mean, as busy wives and mothers, how can we find the joy in spending all of our time putting out life’s small fires, when once they’re out, we’re still left staring at the foamy mess the fire extinguisher left behind–figuratively speaking, of course.

Well, this is how I feel most of the time…except that I just fire proofed a tiny little corner of my world. I need pie and an e-book from my kindle wish list to celebrate. Everyone go to your rooms so mommy can celebrate in silence. Hehe.

I was browsing on FB when I came across an ad promising to de-clutter my life. It was a free webinar that gives just enough info to wet your appetite, and then the price for the full program. I knew that going in so no biggie…pretty standard. So, although, I would have loved to have paid for the full thing, the free stuff was actually very helpful. And I love love love anything that is helpful to my everyday way of being. Existing in clutter sucks! …and I mean that of mental clutter as well. In fact, I mean that more so for mental clutter.

If my head is a jumbled mess of have to’s and need to’s, and a thousand ideas that I want to implement but haven’t, what good is that. I had to clear a pathway through my cluttered hallway, for instance, but all I could think about was that email my publisher sent me with the document I needed to edit. I want to edit that document…I NEED to edit that document, but it’s in my…….inbox. And I can’t start editing until I find it. My brain starts whispering, what if you can’t find it? I know I can find it. What if you accidently deleated it? Don’t be absurd! It’s too important. There are a million emails coming in from your publisher, what if you grab the wrong one and start editing the wrong document? It could happen. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Is this paragraph getting creepy yet…I’ll jump to another one 😉

Anyway, one thing I learned from el free webinar was, if you’re not getting something done, then figure out what the problem is and what steps you need to accomplish in order to fix it. Make a list of every step down to its most minute detail so that you find something you can’t help but do now. Eg. I need to open that email. I can’t open that email until I organize my inbox because it’s stressing me out. I can’t organize my inbox until I can sit at my desk, which is to messy. I can’t clean my desk until I figure out a place for all of those papers. Can’t organize papers until I get to Walmart and buy some folders, etc etc…. can’t do any of this until I get a baby sitter because I don’t want to take the kids. So what’s the first step to getting to that email??? Pick a day and hire a baby-sitter. Sound crazy? …perhaps. But if that’s the way your brain works, then that’s the way your brain works. In my case, my desk was not messy, and I have a wonderful husband, so I just waited until my husband put the kids to bed, I ignored my messy kitchen, didn’t put the food away, and sat down to create all of the virtual folders I needed in my email to stay sane. But you get the point. My favorite folder is labeled A-Get It Done. This is where I put the emails that I need to deal with now (the “A” keeps it at the top of my list so it’s always visually in front of me).

inboxIf I knew I’d get such a high from emptying my inbox, I’d have done it long ago…maybe, haha. Getting a moment to myself to perform such a task is often not the priority of the day, but sometimes you just have to make it one. So now my brain is happy, and that email… I know exactly where it is!!! Have I opened it? hahaha I still need to find my moment of quiet to edit my document properly, so that is an entirely new problem I will have to work out to its easiest step. I may have to call that baby-sitter after all…or send Aaron and the kids out for some dessert so that I can find my quiet…and so they can bring me back some pie 😉

Thanks for sticking with me guys! This post was a bit long-winded just to say that I emptied my inbox…but I’m just so HAPPY! But since you’re here, I want to remind you that the second book in my Walk With Me series will be coming out soon. So make a mental note, A Little While Longer coming to a computer near you! Amazon baby! Or better yet, subscribe to my website and make an email folder to put my updates into. It’ll make your brain happy…just sayin.

If you haven’t read the first book, Beneath Outstretched Arms, it’s available in hard back or kindle version (only $3.49).