A Walk With Me Novel: Book I

Beneath Outstretched Arms13043391_268433490162914_662867376662469718_n - Copy

The year is 1348–and the Black Plague has reached England.

Forced to leave her betrothed behind, Lady Velena Ambrose arrives at her father’s countryside castle, grief stricken–and burdened with fears. She embraces her seclusion, but she is not to remain alone.

Though suffering great loss, Esquire Tristan Challener arrives at the castle, able to find comfort in the Bible that a friar has secretly placed in his satchel.

Velena desperately needs the book that Tristan keeps safely hidden in his room, but is it wise for her to find companionship with a man who is not her betrothed? Will darkness make its abode in her forever, or will she finally be set free to see that God is good, and that there is rest to be had, beneath His mighty outstretched arms?

Beneath Outstretched Arms is the first of four books to be released in this compelling new medieval series, Walk With Me.

fleur de lisReviews

With a classic voice, Venessa Knizley’s first novel is both engaging and endearing. Like a glorious sunrise, this inspirational story breathes warmth, color, and new life to the brittle pages of history. Through tragedy, triumph, and the sweetness of an unusual friendship, Beneath Outstretched Arms will stir your heart and soul and leave you wanting for more. ~B.D. Riehl, author of the Earth is Full and The Heavens Are Telling

A bright light shines in this pleasant love story set in one of the darkest times in history, the Plague. Velena is confident and innocent, making her relatable and charming. As she overcomes grief and tragedy, she begins to experience a mature love that readies her for romance. ~S.L. Poulton, author of Graceful Grey

An utterly captivating read. Knizley has a unique way of expressing how the Lord’s providence is evident in the most tragic of circumstances. She intertwines imagination and history conveying the healing power that God’s love, grace and mercy offer. Beneath Outstretched Arms stirs intrigue, compassion and understanding as she eloquently takes her readers on an enchanting medieval journey of questioning, seeking and finding joy even through the darkest of times. ~Shaylena Stewart, Contributing Writer for Risen Magazine

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