5 Authors in 5 Days & How They’ve Inspired Me: #5 Francine Rivers

 I haven’t read as many books of Francine Rivers as I would like–but what I’ve read has been amazing.

Her stuff is a bit more edgy, in my opinion (if you can think of a better word, let me know)…at least for Christian writing, but I think in a good way. Her characters are very real, and so are the life events that lead those characters along their plotted courses. And in general, I tend to be drawn to books that have that raw edge to them. Mostly I stick to Christian fiction, but some non-Christian books that have stayed with me are Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and The Judas Tree by A.J. Cronin (a terribly depressing book), where I realized that you could write about characters that are so flawed, there’s no turning back from it…where the author chooses not to fix what’s gone wrong–it just goes wrong, and there it is. That was a sort of fascinating concept to a girl who’d stuck to Janette Oke books most of her teenage years.

But back to Francine Rivers. My favorite of hers has been the Mark of the Lion series. There’s so much in there, and the evolution of some of the characters is really raw and sad to watch. She hints at a lot of things that it seems most books in her genre shy away from, but I think, again, that’s why I enjoy her writing so much. There’s a lot there to pull you in.

Her setting was another character with which her characters had to contend…and that inspired me to strive for the same in my own writing. I settled on the Black Plague as the backdrop for my book for this very reason. Desperate times bring out the best and worst in people like no other, and that can set you up for some very dynamic characters.

So, what’s your favorite Francine Rivers’ novel/series? Do you like an edgy novel, or is it a place you’d rather not go?

Here’s a YouTube interview with Francine Rivers…short but sweet 🙂

I’ve enjoyed sharing my 5 author inspirations with you. Stay tuned for the next top 5 current authors I’m reading.

 Blessings and happy reading!

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