5 Authors in 5 Days & How They’ve Inspired Me: #4 Linda Chaikin

  Linda Chaikin, I’m forever in your debt. This is the woman that finally got me off my hiney and writing…actually, actively writing.

Her Heart of India series was a game changer for my young mind because the main love interests didn’t get together after the first book. Whaaat?! You may be thinking, Oh, that’s no big thing, lots of books series are like that. But none that I’d read up until that point. Because up until that point I had only read series that ended with a neat and tidy little bow…followed by a sequel about their children, then their’s…and on and so forth.

Okay, I take that back. Janette Oke’s Canadian West series kind of did that, though they still got together after the first book, but the following three were about them as well. With Linda, though, oh man, she milked that romance for everything it was worth through three thick books, and then she did the same with her Trade Winds trilogy.

Now, I don’t know how much research she put into her Trade Winds trilogy, but from a readers point of view, it seemed to be a lot…and it  made all the difference in my enjoyment level of the book. It was because of this, that I chose to invest myself in the proper kind of research it would take to write a quality novel, and to make it a series that drew out the relationship of its main characters to the end.

I’d read the Trade Winds in high school and then again 2015 or so…and that, along with the Lord’s prompting, got my own series up and running. You can find more about this on one of my homepage tab entitled, Down Memory Lane. and just for an added bit of news, I just realized this year the she graduated from Multnomah University, which is where I received my degree from! I feel so connected, haha.

While looking online, I just realized that for as much as I enjoy Linda Chaikin, I’ve read surprising little of her titles overall. I’m thinking I’m going to change this sooner rather than later. What’s your favorite Linda Chaikin novel? And do you share the same feelings I have about the drawn out romance, or would you rather have them short and sweet?

I wanted to find a good YouTube interview with her, but there seems there are none to be found. But here is a Q&A from her website. And just so I’d have something for your to watch, a YouTube interview with Bodie Thoene, author of the Zion Covenant and many more. She’s another amazing author I grew up with–and another testimony to what good research does for a book! Let the Lion Roar Interview. Mom, you’re going to love this!

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