5 Authors in 5 Days & How They’ve Inspired Me: #2 Lori Wick

31yORGTkl0L__UX250_ Lori Wick, was the romance author of my youth… I have to say that I actually hesitated to list Ms. Wick as an author I wanted to write about because I have such mixed feelings about her books today. But back in the day, I read them and LOVED them! I mean I absolutely–read until 4am to finish it, can’t put it down–loved them! The Californian.  The Kensington Chronicles. Swoon! They are the perfect romance starters for the early teens…Exotic places, inspirational stories, and very clean.

She really is such a talented and accomplished author, but about six months ago, my mother and I were at a church garage sale and we found piles and piles of Christian fiction…and among them, Lori Wick and someone named Stephen Bly, who I’d never read before, but discovered I really enjoy. I was thrilled, as I hadn’t read anything of Lori Wick’s for years, and since there were plenty of titles that were new to me, I dove right in. Sadly, I was a little disappointed.

There was a LOT of fluff. A lot. I found myself skipping sentences, then entire paragraphs and even a chapter or two. One of her books didn’t even get me past the first two chapters before I set it aside as too far-fetched and unbelievable. I was really sad, actually. I don’t remember her older books having so much fluff, but perhaps her style has changed. But regardless, I still hail them as being foundational to my early love of reading, and so I wanted to include her here as one of the five authors who inspired me to want to write.

As  much as I love Janette Oke’s books, I think I might actually remember more of Lori Wick’s stories. I can look at some of her older covers and think, oh yes, I know what that one’s about. I can still picture Mikhail playfully running down the beach away from the husband she’d been pressured to marry. The romance between them had been building, so when he caught her, they fell to the ground in laughter…followed shortly after by their first kiss. Be still my young beating heart! I want to write like that. I want to have a story that lasts long after it’s read in the mind and heart of the reader. For that, I will always have a fondness for her books, even if I’ve since moved past them.

But! There’s always my eleven-year-old daughter to consider…it’s only a matter of time and then I’ll be able to enjoy them all over again through her eyes. I can hardly wait!

What do you think of Lori Wick’s books? Do you have a favorite?

YouTube interview I found with Lori Wick.

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