A Garage Sale of Thoughts

So, these last two weeks have truly been an adventure for the mind. I had promised to post on Mondays and Thursdays, but last week I felt spread thin. I do not mean that I was experiencing stress in any way, but rather that I had a million different thoughts that would have looked better laid out on garage sale tables then typed onto my computer.

I was still in the midst of experiencing them…and I wasn’t ready to share. Yet, if you could have talked with me, and asked, “A penny for your thoughts,” I could have easily handed you one and rambled on about it for a good while. Why was that, I wonder?

Have you ever been under construction? The kind of construction that makes you mentally pause because you know something important is happening and you don’t want to miss it. The kind that prompts you to pick up that metaphorical bag of nails, and watch in awe as God starts adding on to your soul. Well, I have an entire west wing now, ya’ll.

Sort of weird to explain I know, but seriously I’m more ready for this school year…if not life in general, than I’ve ever been ready before.  So much so, that I have to bullet point my progress or else this blog would far exceed the 500 words I need for my Write 500 Words A Day for 30 Days challenge (yes, I’m doing another challenge, and it’s not my only one 😉 ).

-After my blogging challenge, I joined a 30 Days of Prayer for Your Homeschool Challenge, and it has blessed my socks off 🙂 I’ve never been one to have a consistent quiet time/prayer time in the morning, but just before this particular challenge, I had decided to read one chapter in my Bible every morning after my hubby left for work… 6:30ish am. It lasted all of 15 min. Then after I started the challenge…reading more verses, receiving prayer prompts, still doing my chapter and praying for the other moms in the fb group page, I am easily on the couch until 9:00am…which is crazy! Usually, it would be easy for me to rail on the ills of social media, but the Lord has used it mightily in my  life!

-I’ve been following two blogs: Raising Clovers and The End In Mind… and I have now completely redone my homeschool organizing and anxiously await online pep talks in the form of “vlogs.”

-My husband and I had our annual 11 year argument about me getting up to make him breakfast (long, long story), which resulted this year in my now getting up at 6 instead of 6:30 to eat breakfast with him and see him off to work…and I have a good attitude about it 🙂 this time!!! (un-heard of)

-I found an online 10 min pregnancy yoga video series on Youtube that now has me stretching and feeling loosy goosy. I know this isn’t that “spiritual” of a thing (depending on how into it you are), but for me, it’s about being disciplined in taking care of myself…physically, spiritually, mentally…in my marriage…

-Moving on!.. Last week, I completely lost it with my daughter and berated her for something that I could have just been frustrated about, and then raised my heart in praise to God. Do you know why?????? Because it felt so completely foreign, that’s why. I’ve always had a fairly big temper… much exacerbated by children… and have spent many a day crying out to the Lord in repentance over it. It seemed unfixable. Then last week happened and I realized that I hadn’t yelled like that in I couldn’t tell you when. It was no longer the norm. Realizing this sent me over the moon in happiness. …so I apologized to my daughter (lots of hugs and kisses), and then walked around the house with a silly smile plastered on my face because I am changed!

True, I don’t start homeschooling the kids until after Labor Day….that will head a whole new routine/set of emotions to our day.

True, we just joined a new homeschooling co-op and don’t know what kind of a fit it will be yet… though it seems great, and I have really high hopes.

True, my brother and sister in law are moving into town in a month and we haven’t been that close (in the same city) ever, and I can’t help wondering what this new dynamic will bring… I’m excited!

And true, I know that life still isn’t perfect… but I’ve never expected it to be this side of Heaven.

This I know, though. I’ve received a life lift. It’s like a face lift, only instead of gaining a new face, I’ve gained a new outlook. Hard days are coming, and testing often follows days of ease, but if the Lord has been doing in me what I think He has…He’s made me ready.

Accept the good with the bad…or the bad with the good, as the case may be. Accept the Lord’s testing, and his gifts… keep your hands open ALWAYS!!! He will take things out and put things in. His will is accomplished regardless, but it’s so much easier on the soul when we willingly accept it. Blessings… and in everything give thanks!



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