Can you name them all?

As my mind wandered the other day, I found myself thinking of different books that I’d read or wanted to read, and wondered if I knew all of the authors by heart. Maybe you’d like to try. I picked eleven. I think most of these are classics, thought not all (some I just like or want to read), and will be fairly easy for you 🙂 See if you know them all and then write in the comments how many you got right.


Last of the Mohicans

The Hobbit


Great Expectations

Chronicles of Narnia

Black Beauty

Love Comes Softly

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Little Women

Anne of Green Gables

Just So Stories

Extra Credit:  Beneath Outstretched Arms  😉

361 Pages in One hour

51wOcU50-PL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ I just read  An Eye for Glory in 1 hour. All 361 pages… but only about 450 sentences of it. 😉 So, I guess you could say I read portions of An Eye for Glory in 1 hour.

This book is very well written, but I think it’s target audience is probably men. It’s based during the Civil War and reading it (if I had read more of it) would have been like living in the middle of the trenches of it for all three years that the main character, Michael Palmer, was. Oh goodness. The reading was somewhere in between reading a novel, a diary (written in the first person) and a history book, which isn’t bad… it just didn’t keep me reading every sentence, so I found myself skipping around after the first four pages or so.

After that, I began reading only one sentence from each page (or in some cases only a few words). I know his wife’s name was Jessie Anne, and that he had three kids. At the beginning of the book they were now grown and he was re-accounting his story of the war for them. I gathered from my gleaning that he was a Christian, a good singer and was asked to sing to pass the time on occasion, and that the men got the “cooties,” which were body louse that he had to pull out from under his skin with a sewing needle and then smoosh between his fingers. A very good friend of his was shot in the ankle (or somewhere in the leg) and later died (not sure if from that wound or not).

Somewhere around page 200 and something I stopped and read a page or two when he was on leave visiting his wife. Somewhere around page 300 and something I stopped and read a whole page where he stopped and read the Bible to a dying man from the Confederate side that he had shot. I was glad this caught my attention because it pertained to the end of the book where I read another couple of pages in there entirety. I also read stopped to read about his homecoming to his family.

I’m not sure why I kept reading to tell you the truth, but if I could take a quick guess, I think it’s because, though it wasn’t my cup of tea as a whole, I felt the story itself held merit and deserved to be read. The writing was good and the ending was very satisfying. In fact for most of the pages that I actually stopped to read, I ended up crying.

So, if you not only like reading historical fiction…but also enjoy getting a real history lesson (no romance nor huge amounts of amazing dialogue), and having a real first hand experience with the nitty gritty of the Civil War, this book may be for you. I may not have read very much of it, myself, but I did finish it. Check! 😉


How to accomplish “productive”


I would not even begin to claim that lists are the only way to be productive, only that they are one way that can jump start you into getting there 🙂

As I was sitting in church the other day listening to one of our pastors preach on a chapter in Psalms, my mind suddenly became full of all that I had to do, so I did a quick information dump on a slip of paper I had tucked into the front of my Bible. I don’t normally encourage my brain to get so distracted from a sermon, but I knew if I didn’t “dump” just then, my mind would be drifting all over the place for the remainder of the message. So, I jotted down a quick list, gave a sigh of relief and returned my attention back to the Psalms.

My list was simple:

-Justus’s closet

-Kitchen cubboards

-Hallway and hallway closet

-Tool closet

Pregnancy has kicked my butt, as usual, but my energy is steadily returning and so I wanted to again be productive… only I’ve picked up the art of “sedentary” and would wake up each morning feeling completely overwhelmed with all that had to be done and end my day feeling as though I’d accomplished nothing.

So to my list I’ve gone. I gave myself complete permission to ignore everything else around the house except for the one thing at the top of my list. I worked on Justus’ closet (which was all random storage) and room from morning till about 7pm before I finally finished with a very exhausted smile. My honey came home to a horrible mess in every other room, but I proudly stated that, “Cleaning the house wasn’t my goal today, this closet was my goal… and I finished it!” I felt productive all over 🙂 He just smiled and said, “It looks good.” He is a man a few words, and even fewer emotional responses, haha. He’s very mellow, and in times like this, it suites me well 😉

The next day I kept to my list. Kitchen. Check! Next day. Hallway. Check! I’m moving right along, and loving it 🙂

Making lists isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…especially for those who can’t take living in a mess while they only get one thing done a day. But! If you’ve been finding yourself in a mess lately, and you feel that glazed sort of look come over your eyes and that numbness in your limbs that threatens to paralyze you from doing anything because “who can concentrate on doing anything in a mess this big!” feeling, than tackling one thing and being able to check it off your list is highly exhilarating. In fact, I’m pretty sure it releases some major endorphins. Just sayin’… Make a list and then CHECK ! CHECK! CHECK! AWAY!


The Adventures of Teddy Chapter 1

…by Justus Knizley (8 yrs old). My aspiring author 🙂

My sweetie asked if I would post this for other kids to read, so if you have one please pass it on 🙂 It would make his day!


Translation for those who can’t read through crayon 😉

Two explorers go out into the night. It was stormy. The car gets stuck, but it launches out the Pterodactyl. The avalanche came and it knocked down the Pterodactyl. Teddy sent out a rescue team to search for them.

The rescue team saw footprints leading up to the mountains where the avalance came from. They realized that someone made the avalanche on purpose. Then they heard a “Rawer!” A dinosaur came and chased them away, as Queen Hummy and King Cutie were coming back from the real world.  

*Story inspired by toys and stuffed animals (Teddy, being his favorite).

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. I’m off to Bible study! 🙂

Tortilla Soup

Don’t ask me why I’m posting a recipe when I’m still not quite over my morning sickness.  I still make icky faces whenever I run across a facebook post of someone’s “amazing dinner,” BUUUUT… today I ate a small piece of steak my husband grilled and survived, so I thought I’d celebrate by posting my favorite recipe for tortilla soup. It’s so easy it’s ridiculous.

In a soup pan, sauté some diced onions and garlic in a little bit of oil (whatever your preference…1/2 an onion or 1/4, doesn’t matter).

Add about half a can of diced tomatoes with green chili

Add chicken broth (just 2 of  your averages size boxes or two of those really large cans…really it’s however much soup you want) and stir.


-some frozen corn (not canned, it tastes gross in this) or a drained can of hominy (I prefer hominy)

-a drained can of black beans or white beans

-lime juice (about one lime)

-diced cilantro (or however you prefer it)

-diced chicken …Options for preparing chx: drained canned chicken (looks like a can of tuna), grill or boil fresh chx and dice that up, or (what I do most often) buy some rotisserie chicken from the store and dice up what I want from that. There are tons of options.

Stir it all up and wait for it to heat through.

Meanwhile for toppings: Half an avocado for everyone to half at their plate so they can scoop some into their bowl (or dice it all into a bowl), prepare some shredded cheddar or buy a bag of pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese, and toast up some corn tortilla strips.

*I never buy tortilla strips, though you totally can if you want it extra easy. We usually, cut a pile of corn tortillas into strips and fry them in some oil an then set those out into a bowl. It’s just what I’m used to.

*I don’t like spicy food, but if you do, be sure to have handy whatever hot sauce you like best…or add some jalapeños in from the beginning.

Sooooo… soup, tortilla strips, cheese and avocado. I know I didn’t give very specific amounts, and perhaps it’s the Mexican in me that is totally okay with eyeballing it, but honestly, with this recipe it really doesn’t matter too much. It usually comes out tasting about the same…which is AWESOME!

I can’t wait till I want to cook again… I can’t wait for it not to be 300 degrees outside so that I want hot soup 😉 Oops…perhaps you won’t want to eat hot soup either. I didn’t think of that, haha.