Homeschool Ready…steady as we go.

Happy Sunday everyone. I know that Saturday was to be my normal day for posting, but it was supposed to be a video blog and I had the most difficult time figuring things out.

I made two videos because the first one only played sideways, and the second one upside down. I finally turned to Google and figured out how to flip them upright.

Then I tried to upload it directly to this page…but again Google suggested that it was better to use a third party to embed the video instead, like YouTube or Vimeo. Still, with doing that, I had to go to bed by the time things were said and done and it’s been over two hours and my video still hasn’t fully uploaded to YouTube… and it’s not that long. Maybe ten minutes.

So today’s blog, which should have been yesterday’s, does have my “Homeschool Ready” video, but it is also a cry for help 🙂 If anyone else out there makes regular videos or vlogs and posts them, is there a more efficient way to get this done? Any help would be…you know, helpful. 🙂

Tip #1 to myself. Smile before pressing play on the camera so your still image isn’t a funny one, lol.

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6 thoughts on “Homeschool Ready…steady as we go.”

  1. I think you did a great job! I have accidentally done the same (filming and posting videos incorrectly, my first FB Live was sideways). I will be sharing this video with my bestie whom will be homeschooling her 2 littles.


  2. Holy smoke do I admire you! I teach high school English (along with running my business), and I cannot even imagine having to plan all of those lessons at all different grade levels. If you ever need a hand about how to structure your planning, give me a shout, I’ll be happy to help – but it definitely sounds like you’re on your way! Your reflection is absolutely key to good lesson planning; I’ve been teaching for 10 years and I still am constantly revising my lessons. As a side note, your folder organization is what my dream classroom would look like!
    Best wishes to you!


  3. Loved getting to see your lovely face online and listening to your experience. Great job! And I started one of my businesses in my closet (way smaller one) because it was the only quiet space in our studio apartment. Great things come out of doing what you need to do with what you have, where you need to do it and squeezed in the small quiet spaces available to busy moms.


  4. Yikes, sounds like a stressful evening. We have a youtube account tied to our phone (android). We record videos on the phone, upload to youtube and then link from youtube to our site. It’s a breeze on our end (basically copy and paste). Hope that helps!


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