Orange Metal Roses Are My Favorite

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not, but we have been having some van problems. Besides my husband’s motorcycle, this is our only vehicle… so this is a big problem!

I won’t go into what’s wrong with it (cause it doesn’t matter), but it completely died on me the other day when I was coming home from Walmart. I was able to coast into an un-used driveway, which fortunately was less than a mile from home… but it was 109 degrees out, so still very unpleasant. I had been using my metal coffee mug to keep my water cold in the car, but it got so hot that I couldn’t hold it walking home and had to stuff it in my purse, haha.

So…skipping more of this, I will say that I was discouraged. Discouraged because a broken vehicle meant taking money out of our savings account (possibly enough to buy a new one) and I didn’t want to. I didn’t doubt that the Lord would take care of us, but every year it seems there has been something to drain what we’ve been trying to save, and so my attitude was crumby.

Then…I just sort of threw up my arms in surrender. I’m not sure why, but I just gave it all up. I thought, Lord, if we need to spend every last dime of our savings on a vehicle and start at square one for the house we’ve been saving for, than so be it. This is not a surprise to You, God…it’s obviously not Your timing for us to do anything else with this money. Money is no object to you, and I trust You fully to supply what You want for us, when You want it.

I then called my husband and let him know how I was feeling, and that I’d support him in whatever he felt we needed to do vehicle-wise. He said his boss knew a guy who was selling a 5 seater Saturn Vue for $1500. We talked about it, knowing it wouldn’t fit our whole family, but would get me around with the four kids while he drove his motorcycle until we were able to make a good decision on a family car. Then he’d sell his motorcycle (he drives that thing all jacketed up in 109 degrees…he’s my hero) and use the Saturn as his car. Great, I thought. If the car is fit to buy, than this would be a good solution for the present. Hang in there readers…this is where it gets really good!

He comes home from work smiling. Evidently, his boss’s church (still don’t know how they got involved in this) decided to buy the car from the guy who owned it…and give it to us. What?!!!! They handled everything at the DMV, signed over the title to us, and gave it to us the very next day!!! Don’t I have to have 10 kids and need to be on food stamps to receive blessings like this??? They don’t even know us…why would they do this? Answer. They didn’t. God did.

In my last blog, I mentioned all those people suffering in Louisiana right now, and in places like Syria. God helps them… and yet, He still helps me. It’s been so long since I’ve felt his direct touch in my life, I hadn’t known how much I’d been yearning for it! I was ready to hand over everything to Him, and instead, He handed me a giant orange metal rose. I haven’t the proper words to express how touched I am, but I wanted to say what I could in praise to Him, and to all that He does for us when we deserve none of it.

My needs seem so insignificant in comparison to others, but He is not a respecter of persons. He tells us to pray unceasingly! How can I do that unless, along with the prayers for others, I include prayers for my own life…the life He gave me. He’s not blaming me for not having it so bad. I had no say in the matter of where I was born or in the things I’ve been given. He doesn’t expect me to suck it up and walk tall just because it’s “no big thang.” Yet, somehow I always tend to feel that way. It’s such a lie. He wants us to be humble. He wants us to ask Him for the things that we need. He wants us to be completely dependent on Him and know from where our help comes from!

Don’t mean to ramble, but that’s what’s on my heart today 🙂 …and did I mention that orange roses are my favorite…cause they are. All praise and glory to our God and Father, the maker of Heaven and Earth!


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