A little 3AM Perspective

For anyone wondering, I will be blogging Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Strange days, perhaps, but I do have a reason for them. 🙂 Mondays, because it’s the beginning of the week, Thursdays, because it’s my slowest school day with the kids and, Saturdays, because I’m going to start vlogging (and that’s the day I’ll post the video to my site).


Now, for 3Am. To be fair to my 3 year old, it was actually around 3:30 when she came into our room, wet bottoms (she’d had an accident) and barking like a seal. I hate the croup. It’s just one of the absolute worst colds to watch your little ones suffer through.

Well, in she came and out we went to the living room couches. She on one and I on the other. I made her some tea with honey, and dutifully applied Vicks and Breath Easy essential oils to her chest and feet. Not sure if the feet thing actually works, but my mother in law told me to do it…so I do it 😉 Can’t hurt.

I don’t mind sleeping on the couch. It’s pretty comfy, as far as couches go… except there was no real sleeping. Somewhere around 4AM my six year old got up with the beginnings of the sniffles and wanted to join us, but I said no because she is a kicker and a twister in close quarters, so I joined her in her bed. Then Vienna started a coughing fit so I went back to the couch… then Selia called me because she couldn’t sleep, so I gave her cereal because she was “starving”…  and so the ping ponging went until 5ish, when my husband got up. I laid on the couch awake until he left at 6… when my 10 year old got up. She never gets up at 6. NEVER! (She’d sleep in until 10 if I’d let her) She’d set an alarm, though, so she could start her day early and then have some screen time. Then my son got up. Help me.

Blessedly, she got breakfast for them, and I stayed on the couch, telling them that I was not available for any more anythings until I’d had a chance to fall asleep and wake up again. But…the little one inside of me wanted in on the action and so cuddled up next to my bladder. Shortly after, my mom called and needed to pick something up on her way to work. All the while, I felt like I had a bowling ball rolling back and forth against the right side of my brain every time I got up or down from the couch.

Since my mother was on her way, I finally decided to resign myself to morning. I found two Tylenol and made a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. Vienna ended up with half my toast (“Mommy, if you don’t want your toast, I can have it for you”), while she, my six year old and I all sat down to color butterfly pictures and watch a YouTube video of Lori Lane from The End In Mind. She’s my latest find and a great way to start the morning. By the time I got up to shower my headache was gone. Read from I Timothy, watched a beautiful video on FaceBook that made me cry and then powered through the rest of the day… sorta.

Then tonight I sat down to catch some news on the 1 of 3 channels we get with the bunny ears and watched footage of the floods in Louisiana and of the injured children hidden away in the hospitals they’ve had to move underground in Syria. I’m amazed that he Lord even listens to me sometimes. That the same God who holds these people close, holds me as well… giving me relief through small pleasures like coffee and coloring pages, while guiding parents and little ones to safer places where the flood waters have not yet reached and the bombs have not touched. I’m humbled and grateful that my bad days really aren’t so bad. And I hope I remember that tomorrow, as I pray for them tonight.


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