Name change!

It’s not a huge name change, but a fitting one. This site was titled “Write With Me” because I thought that I wanted a blog dedicated to encouraging others to write. But…  something that I took away from the blogging challenge was that I think I’m writing to readers… lifers really. People I want to do life with. So I changed my title to “Walk With Me,” because that’s really what I want. It’s the series title for my book, Beneath Outstretched Arms, because of a re-occurring dream Tristan has, but it has sort of encapsulated my thoughts ever since 🙂

I still haven’t decided which days I will be blogging on, but I’ll get to that soon. Right now, I will be MIA for just a little bit to get ready for this coming school year 🙂 See you soon!


This would be a pretty place to walk 🙂

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