How to accomplish “productive”


I would not even begin to claim that lists are the only way to be productive, only that they are one way that can jump start you into getting there 🙂

As I was sitting in church the other day listening to one of our pastors preach on a chapter in Psalms, my mind suddenly became full of all that I had to do, so I did a quick information dump on a slip of paper I had tucked into the front of my Bible. I don’t normally encourage my brain to get so distracted from a sermon, but I knew if I didn’t “dump” just then, my mind would be drifting all over the place for the remainder of the message. So, I jotted down a quick list, gave a sigh of relief and returned my attention back to the Psalms.

My list was simple:

-Justus’s closet

-Kitchen cubboards

-Hallway and hallway closet

-Tool closet

Pregnancy has kicked my butt, as usual, but my energy is steadily returning and so I wanted to again be productive… only I’ve picked up the art of “sedentary” and would wake up each morning feeling completely overwhelmed with all that had to be done and end my day feeling as though I’d accomplished nothing.

So to my list I’ve gone. I gave myself complete permission to ignore everything else around the house except for the one thing at the top of my list. I worked on Justus’ closet (which was all random storage) and room from morning till about 7pm before I finally finished with a very exhausted smile. My honey came home to a horrible mess in every other room, but I proudly stated that, “Cleaning the house wasn’t my goal today, this closet was my goal… and I finished it!” I felt productive all over 🙂 He just smiled and said, “It looks good.” He is a man a few words, and even fewer emotional responses, haha. He’s very mellow, and in times like this, it suites me well 😉

The next day I kept to my list. Kitchen. Check! Next day. Hallway. Check! I’m moving right along, and loving it 🙂

Making lists isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…especially for those who can’t take living in a mess while they only get one thing done a day. But! If you’ve been finding yourself in a mess lately, and you feel that glazed sort of look come over your eyes and that numbness in your limbs that threatens to paralyze you from doing anything because “who can concentrate on doing anything in a mess this big!” feeling, than tackling one thing and being able to check it off your list is highly exhilarating. In fact, I’m pretty sure it releases some major endorphins. Just sayin’… Make a list and then CHECK ! CHECK! CHECK! AWAY!


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