361 Pages in One hour

51wOcU50-PL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ I just read  An Eye for Glory in 1 hour. All 361 pages… but only about 450 sentences of it. 😉 So, I guess you could say I read portions of An Eye for Glory in 1 hour.

This book is very well written, but I think it’s target audience is probably men. It’s based during the Civil War and reading it (if I had read more of it) would have been like living in the middle of the trenches of it for all three years that the main character, Michael Palmer, was. Oh goodness. The reading was somewhere in between reading a novel, a diary (written in the first person) and a history book, which isn’t bad… it just didn’t keep me reading every sentence, so I found myself skipping around after the first four pages or so.

After that, I began reading only one sentence from each page (or in some cases only a few words). I know his wife’s name was Jessie Anne, and that he had three kids. At the beginning of the book they were now grown and he was re-accounting his story of the war for them. I gathered from my gleaning that he was a Christian, a good singer and was asked to sing to pass the time on occasion, and that the men got the “cooties,” which were body louse that he had to pull out from under his skin with a sewing needle and then smoosh between his fingers. A very good friend of his was shot in the ankle (or somewhere in the leg) and later died (not sure if from that wound or not).

Somewhere around page 200 and something I stopped and read a page or two when he was on leave visiting his wife. Somewhere around page 300 and something I stopped and read a whole page where he stopped and read the Bible to a dying man from the Confederate side that he had shot. I was glad this caught my attention because it pertained to the end of the book where I read another couple of pages in there entirety. I also read stopped to read about his homecoming to his family.

I’m not sure why I kept reading to tell you the truth, but if I could take a quick guess, I think it’s because, though it wasn’t my cup of tea as a whole, I felt the story itself held merit and deserved to be read. The writing was good and the ending was very satisfying. In fact for most of the pages that I actually stopped to read, I ended up crying.

So, if you not only like reading historical fiction…but also enjoy getting a real history lesson (no romance nor huge amounts of amazing dialogue), and having a real first hand experience with the nitty gritty of the Civil War, this book may be for you. I may not have read very much of it, myself, but I did finish it. Check! 😉


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