The Adventures of Teddy Chapter 1

…by Justus Knizley (8 yrs old). My aspiring author 🙂

My sweetie asked if I would post this for other kids to read, so if you have one please pass it on 🙂 It would make his day!


Translation for those who can’t read through crayon 😉

Two explorers go out into the night. It was stormy. The car gets stuck, but it launches out the Pterodactyl. The avalanche came and it knocked down the Pterodactyl. Teddy sent out a rescue team to search for them.

The rescue team saw footprints leading up to the mountains where the avalance came from. They realized that someone made the avalanche on purpose. Then they heard a “Rawer!” A dinosaur came and chased them away, as Queen Hummy and King Cutie were coming back from the real world.  

*Story inspired by toys and stuffed animals (Teddy, being his favorite).

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. I’m off to Bible study! 🙂

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