My 6 yr old is scared of prenancy

This was the conversation I overheard while my ten year old was cleaning the bathroom with her little sister by her side.


Selia (6 yr old)- Aloria, aren’t you afraid of having them cut your butt so you can have a baby? I don’t want to grow up. I just want to be ten so that I don’t have to have a baby.

Aloria (10 yr old)-They don’t cut your butt, Selia, they only cut your tummy if it doesn’t come out your butt. But you don’t have to worry because they give you a shot and you don’t feel it.

S- What if it comes out your butt?

A-Then it hurts a lot.

S-Isn’t there any way where it won’t hurt? Not even if you close your eyes… or get an ice cube?

A-Nope, that’s why I’m going to have my tummy cut open when I have babies.

At this point I interject from outside the room.

Me-Actually, they won’t cut you open unless there is some reason you can’t have it the regular way. I’m being cut open because your brother got stuck.

S-I don’t want to have babies!

I walk away and they continue on…

A-Selia, the only way to not have a baby is to not get married, because you have to have a man to make one.

Justus (my 8r old boy)-Actually, Aloria, you could get married and just not make a baby together.

Selia comes out to me.

S. So, Mom, I don’t want to grow up and live alone, so if I get married I don’t have to have a baby if we just don’t stick our butts together?

I’ll spare you the rest, but after a brief explanation of how you can only make a baby on certain days, I switched the topic to adoption because Selia was seriously working herself up. After another round of questions on this new subject, she seemed to leave with some semblance of peace. <smile> Poor thing. My pregnancy has seemed to cause some anxiety for her. (Learning about the birds and the bees was evidently no big deal, but delivering the product of such actions is terrifying) She is determined not to grow past 10, and has said that she hopes that Jesus comes back before then so that she can go to Heaven and tell Him that she doesn’t want to grow up. This brought her even greater peace, as though she had just settled the matter. Sweet girl! She then went off to tell her 3 yr old sister about Jesus. She gave her the full on gospel message from start to finish, ending with “Isn’t that so great!” I just sat there in the other room with my mouth hanging open, wishing I could take credit for that. They are now running around the living room screaming like banshees. I’m pretty sure I can take credit for that. Anything loud comes from my side of the family… or just me. Okay, me.

On a very different note: Our bicycles were stolen. Not the children’s …just ours. Spent some time on the phone filing a police report and with our insurance company filing a claim. BUT THAT’S OKAY! Becaaaase… I made a goal and finished it today. Not only did I completely clean out a horrendously cluttered closet in my son’s room that he was previously not allowed to enter, but his room is spic and span as well. Nothing else in the house is… but the rest of the house wasn’t my goal 😉

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