Breaking down

Today was quite a day. I left the house. That is amazing in and of itself 🙂

I left the house at 9:30am to take the kids to a five day club. It was at one end of town… I then went to the other end of town to help a friend in her new classroom she was getting ready. I was there an hour than had to go back to the other end of town.

Then I went back to the other end of town to get my brother in law and take him to a doctor appointment… somewhere in the middle of town (very poor planning on my part).

Somewhere between deciding to get something to eat first and go to the bank before the appointment, my van stopped working. We coasted into the bank! We had already pulled over twice trying to make it to the bank, so I decided to get it towed from there. It was 114 degrees today and I couldn’t chance being stranded with the four kids at a mini mart, so I called my daddy, who said that it wasn’t every day he had the chance to rescue his daughter anymore and he was happy to get us.

We all went to lunch at Chic Fillet. Someone’s kid had an “accident” inside the play area, and all the children were booted out so they could clean it. No more play place, hahaha. I laugh.

Took my dad back to work, kept his car, took brother to the appointment, went to the library to wait for him, husband called so I took them back home, went to get brother, writing blog, and waiting for my mother to get here to collect her vehicle and myself to go to Bible study. It’s 5:15 and really just want to sleep… but I think I need Jesus more 😉

So while I wait for her, my hubby took the kids down to a neighbors house to play water balloons, and they just invited their neighbor over who is a man transitioning into a woman. Currently looking very much like a woman, but speaking very much like a man. I caught my kids on their way over and hugged them and told them there is a man who wants to be girl over there, so please don’t say anything rude, but show God’s love and be nice. I haven’t the energy to really say more, but rest in the fact that my husband is a very tactful man, and will guide the kids questions should they come up.

What a day! This is why I stay home, lol. I’m not built for hectic days, but I suppose it’s only right that I have my quota of them.

Thank you Jesus for hectic days… they teach me to appreciate the calm.


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