Family truth

When you’re around the people you love… the people you are most comfortable with… expect to get the most honest of answers.

Relatives are now filtering out, getting in cars and heading to the airport, while my second cousin demonstrates her sign language skills 🙂 I mention that I would like to get my hair permed…

Them: NOOOOOO! (Before I even get the chance to defend my idea.) Your hair is already so beautiful, it’s got so much body, it’ll fry your hair, you don’t want to do that, etc…

Me: “I just want a giant wave,” I defend.

Them: They don’t have anything big enough for your hair.

Me: (I smile at my cousin beside me, who’d remained silent, except for laughing) I guess that was a bad idea. 🙂

Some people get terribly upset at other people telling them what to do or not to do. I just laugh! I feel under no obligation to listen 🙂 Although, I probably will in this case. A perm may not be my best idea. I suppose I’ll stick with working on the prologue I still need to write for my book. That, I know is a good idea.




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5 thoughts on “Family truth”

      1. So, I’ve decided not to 🙂 I saw a girl in a gas station the other day, and thought to myself, oh goodness, if her hair is permed I’m doing it! It was so cute. So I asked her… and it was natural. The best curls are natural, and I don’t think can replicate it the way I want. God knows best, haha.


  1. Of course there are always bad experiences! But that does not mean yours will be. Just do not go to a super cheap joint for sure. do your research! (: my friend had her sister do it who is a hairdresser.


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