Little people…

I had a really difficult night last night. My mind was racing and getting very distracted by thoughts that I wished I could have just pushed aside until morning. It started around 3am when our eldest came into our room to say that our youngest was crying in bed. This led to the little one crawling up into bed with us. Just as I was falling back to sleep she rolled over and said she had to go potty. I got up to take her to our bathroom and realized that she felt warm.

Being a little paranoid of getting a fever while pregnant, I chose to take her back to her room… and then slept at the end of the full bed she shares with her sister until she finally drifted off. Well, I didn’t sleep… I lied there listening to the Jonathan Park CD that my eldest daughter had put in the player after she was woken up by the crying. Something about Galapagos Sea Turtles 🙂

After about 10 minutes, I returned to bed feeling nauseous, so at around 4:30 I gave up and got up to eat some cereal. I went back to bed as Aaron was getting up for work, and slept in until 9:30am when my littlest came back in, asking me if I could “pretty please” help her clean her room so she could find her blankie. I did this for a bit, while talking long distance to a friend who was trying to pack up her house for a move. Our conversation was cut short, though, because her kids kept playing in the packing boxes and eventually she saw poop in one of them (from a diaper malfunction, I assume). I love her so much, and I laugh even now, thinking about what her day is going to be like.

Insomnia’s not so fun, but I’m thankful that my kids tend to sleep in late if I don’t get down to wake them up. Summer hours are awesome! Vienna is still warmish, but seems to be doing fine, playing with a new (used) jewelry box with her sister that my mother just got rid of.  They just finished some shredded cheese (because that tastes better than sliced cheese) and I’m watching them skip around in their jammies even though it’s noon. I need them to get dressed, but am putting it off because I have to get the laundry out of the dryer and sort it so I can find them some clean undies, lol. Oh, the choices we make.

I don’t know when I became this low stress, but I certainly am enjoying it. At some point, I think I just decided that being wound up wasn’t worth it, and so I take a lot of joy in watching them play with jewelry in their jammies and enjoy their shredded cheese. There are moments where I get envious of other moms taking their kids to early morning swim lessons, soccer practice or a fun summer dance classes…but I get over it pretty quickly. I like not being busy. In fact, one of my goals in life is to be unbusy. This is not a passive thing for me. I like calm mornings, and having no errands to run that will take us away from the house. I’m not sure the kids appreciate my love of calm as much as I do, haha, as they have all the energy in the world for play dates and library visits, but summer time in the desert sucks all the life out of you as soon as you walk out the front door. Today’s going to be 108… and that’s a nice day, lol. So, I’m thinking sprinkler time and cleaning out the bathroom closet are my goals for the day. You don’t need undies with bathing suites 😉 Just kidding, I’ll get to the laundry… eventually.

Oh, and for some very exciting news before I forget, one of my new beta readers has read both my first book (because I asked her to read it before editing my manuscript for book 2) and my second book in the space of one week! She already sent the edited copy back to me and said she’s ready for the third 🙂 Me too… I just need to finish writing it. She had very positive things to say and I’m all aglow (and it’s not a pregnancy glow…I don’t have that yet 😉 ). I wanted to stay away from looking at my book for the rest of the month, but honestly I didn’t think I’d receive anything back from any of my beta readers so fast… so I may have to give it a little peek, as I am very curious about what edits she made.

Well, this is the end of my blog. Vienna just put a snap bead bracelet on my wrist, and when I didn’t respond right away, she said, “Mom, can you kiss me.” Haha… time for me to sign off and join the family (also the water for the macaroni and cheese is boiling).

Have a blessed day everyone! Little people are such a blessing!


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