We forgot our anniversary… again.

This wasn’t twice in a row, but we have managed to completely forget our wedding anniversary twice now. Once, Aaron and I were on our way to CA for a homeschooling convention when my sister-in-law texts me, “happy anniversary.” I turn to look at Aaron dumbfounded. “Today’s our anniversary. Did you remember that?” Nope. He was equally as surprised. Neither of us were mad, but actually kind of thankful that we had the chance to be alone on our anniversary, even if it was at a convention. Hey, when you have kids, alone is alone, and a date can be anything as long as … you know, you’re alone together.

That must have been maybe three years ago, I think. Today is our 11 year anniversary. We were ahead of the curve this time, though. I remembered, yesterday, haha. I was cuddling up to him just as he was falling asleep, and for some reason asked, “What’s the date?”

Him: “The 15th.”

Me: “Are you serious? We did it again. Do you know what tomorrow is?”

Him: “the 16th.”

Me: “And what’s the 16th?”

Him: “The day after the 15th.”

Me: “Our 11 year anniversary.”

Him: <groan>

Me: “Don’t worry about it, I didn’t expect anything.”

Him: “I’m sorry you didn’t expect anything.”

In his defense (since I have none), my mom had let loose a couple of months ago that I could tell Aaron, yes, they could watch the kids for us in July. “Why are you watching the kids for us in July.” Oops. She didn’t know it was a surprise. I feigned ignorance, and sometime later Aaron mentioned that he wanted us to go to a Weekend To Remember. It’s a really nice marriage retreat that we went on when we first got married. Sadly, I bust his bubble and asked if we could reschedule it for when my morning sickness was over. It would be a complete waste of a nice hotel room, if I had to spend most of it in the bathroom. So, my honey had the sweetest of intentions… then we both completely forgot. Again, neither of us were mad. Well, I think he felt like he let me down…but that is the furthest from the truth. I just don’t feel good.

So, while he made breakfast, I made a trip to the grocery store for some milk, and partly to escape the smell of cooking bacon. As it was, I still had to carry a lemon around with me. But I got the milk, ingredients to make lasagna (which I made! very proud of myself for being able to handle it… ok, he had to brown the meat, but still), brownie mix, a card for him and roses for me. I thanked him for them when I got home. He looked confused, but I told him that I didn’t earn the money to buy them, so they were clearly from him. There was a great big bunch of them in all colors…but with one orange one, which is my favorite color on roses (reminds me of orange sherbet). It was the only one at the store with an orange rose…and consequently, the orange one was the only one that had a smell. Store bought roses never smell good…but my bunch had one that did! Yay!

I’m sorry that we didn’t have better plans for today. I’m sorry I don’t feel better for better plans. But I’ve had a love filled 11 years with the man I love and who loves me back. He is my knight and shining armor… the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me (second to Himself, of course 😉

Hope all of your anniversaries represent years of blessings… no matter how the exact date turns out. Praise God!

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