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I met Bethany Riehl during one of my last semesters at Multnomah Bible College (Multnomah University now). It was under some strange circumstances that we became friends (sharing the same ex-boyfriend), but there was just something about her that drew me in. She was only there for one semester, but I felt she was a real kindred spirit, and enjoyed our moments together.

Much later (about 12 years) I got online to announce that I was starting a career as an author, and a mutual friend said, “hey, did you know Bethany is writing too?” I hadn’t spoken to her since she’d left Multnomah, but we soon got in touch and swapped 12 years of goings on, making me wish that we lived in the same state. She is still someone I would love to spend my time with!

She had already published two books, and I’m very happy to say that I have read them both and love, love, love them! How she came up with the idea for these books is amazing, and I hope to someday interview her so that I can post the whole thing. But for now, here is my review of book two. Well worth your while to look it up!

The Heavens Are Telling

“This is not a book full of fluff. It is deep, thought evoking, encouraging, raw, emotional, joyful, vivid, triumphant, and full of praise for our God. I read the first book, The Earth Is Full, and loved it. This one was even better. The amount of detail Bethany Riehl puts into these books really makes it what it is. I feel like I’ve been to Thailand, to Cambodia–to the jungles, shrines and stilted houses of the villages. I read The Heavens Are Telling in three days…and it is not a short book. I highly, highly recommend it for absolutely anyone. In fact, if you have been called to work in the rescue of those lost to sex-trafficking, know someone who is, or know someone you would like to introduce to that line of ministry, you can’t go wrong with reading this book. It will inspire you to get on your knees in prayer for those tangled in the horrific chains of sin. There is power in prayer! Let us never doubt that!”

The Heavens Are Telling on Amazon

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